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LONGWAY general battery series adopt AGM technology and valve regulated sealing technology, and their performance meets the requirements of general equipment usage. The product performance meets international standards, such as EN/IEC61056-2012, JIS C8702-1-2003, UL1989, and other international standards.

General Features

Maintenance free, no need to add water or other maintenance during use.

High reliability, safe without leakage. Can be operated in any orientation.

Low self-discharge rate, with an average monthly self-discharge rate below 2.5%.

Excellent storage performance. After being fully charged and stored for 12 months, the battery can be used

   normally without affecting its service life.

Strong cycling ability, meeting the general service life.



● Electric tools; Solar system

● Portable Movie & Video lights

● Emergency lights; Alarm system

● Electric toys; Control instruments

● Robots and control machines and other 

● Uninterruptible power supply; Fire & Security

● Electrical test equipment; communication Equipment.









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